Watch Him Trade Review – Our Thoughts on This Live Trading Room

Watch Him Trade Review
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In this review of Watch Him Trade, we cover all the features offered by the monthly subscription. The service is good for new traders interested in trading options and the customer service is top of the line, though the chat room may leave something to be desired for experienced traders.

Watch Him Trade is a subscription service for day traders that offers a livestream of a professional day trader – the service’s founder Kevin Kleinman – trading in real time. The service also includes a trading chat room, watch lists, and video training courses. Kleinman’s focus is on trading options, which is what the video lessons teach.

Kleinman is a self-taught trader who’s been interested in the stock market since he was 11 years old. He began trading in 2008 and, after some big ups and downs, developed a conservative strategy that works well for new traders, especially those with smaller accounts. While he doesn’t typically post huge weekly profits, his equity curve has been steadily and consistently rising over time.

Here’s a picture of his equity curve:

Watch Him Trade Equity Curve

As you’ll see, it represents just a small overall profit, but a steady gain overall.

Kleinman, while only – brace yourself – 25, has gained a reputation for his honesty and transparency along with his overall foundational capability as a trader.

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Services Offered

Chat Room

The chat room at Watch Him Trade is, frankly, your pretty basic chat room offered by services such as this one. A lot of chatter from traders, generally kept polite and on topic, with moderators whose usernames appear in bold.

WHT Chatroom

As with any chat room, we’d recommend being prudent about whose advice you take. You never know the motivation behind someone’s recommendation on rooms like these.

The chat room is not the strongest feature of the service, but can be handy if you like having a chat room and want to connect with other traders during the trading day – or after hours. It’s a simple room that’s non-essential to get the most out of Watch Him Trade, but it’s good to have.

Watch Lists

Kleinman’s watch lists, on the other hand, are a very popular element of the service. Kleinman provides an “over/under” number – which he uses to predict which way he thinks the stock is going for the day – along with stocks he’s watching that day.

While you can mirror his trades, it’s better to learn how to make informed decisions on your own when it comes to your trades, and learning to watch stocks, understand where they’re headed, and act appropriately is an important element of that.

Here’s a video example of the weekly watch list, since it’s available publicly, but typically you’ll see the latest picks written out and posted on the left hand side of your screen on log in.

Kleinman, as all good trading teachers would, encourages shorting of stocks as well as following those that are upwardly mobile so you can make money whichever way the wind blows.

Live Trading Feed

Rightly or wrongly, the live trading feed is sold as the primary feature of the service. Kleinman trades live almost all mornings with a real, verified account. In fairness, of the feeds like this one, this is probably the best and easiest to follow.

WHT Live Feed Screen

He’s – as previously mentioned – consistently transparent and honest and seems to take great care in his teaching. This isn’t one of those services where you’ll watch traders trade but very well might not be able to follow what it is they’re doing. He’s clear about the moves he’s making so you can get the most from this feature.

That said, his live trading screen is a little visually busy, especially for absolute newbies, but once you get used to it, it’s easy enough to follow. It may be better to learn a bit about trading before hopping into this feature, or at the very least supplement watching his feed with lessons on trading. Which brings us to the fourth and final feature.

Video Lessons

Last but certainly not least, Watch Him Trade offers a series of six Options Trading Courses as well as an extensive video library with old trading streams, videos on a wide variety of trading-related topics, and recorded webinars.

While you have to pay for the monthly subscription to access the Trading Courses, much of the rest of the material is available for free on the website. They’re a great resource and, again, it seems like Kleinman is passionate about helping new traders learn, so the videos are usually well-made and informative.

WHT Video Library

As an aside, Kevin’s apparent care is also evidenced in his good customer service – he himself is very accessible and has been known to answer emails quickly and even hop on phone calls as needed to answer questions. Not too many other services can boast attention paid to the customer like that!

Subscription Options

WHT Subscriptions

While you can subscribe to just the chat room for less ($8.99/month, in fact), the Live Trading subscription to get access to all the above listed features costs $99.99/month. While expensive, traders previous subscribed Timothy Sykes pay $75 /month for only alerts, without the live trading. It’s an ideal for active traders and is cheaper than many other comparable services, though it also boasts fewer features than some of the other, bigger, more comprehensive platforms. That said, the quality of the services they do offer is by and large good and founder Keven Kleinman takes good care of his clientele.

What Makes Watch Him Trade Special?

First and foremost, the fairly affordable price is a huge plus for the site. Their Live Trading Subscription is a great learning tool and their customer service is top notch.


This is a great platform for new traders looking to learn more about day trading options. It would probably not be ideal for those interested in other sorts of trades (like penny stocking or swing trading) and may leave something to be desired for advanced traders. Penny stock traders may prefer a service from Timothy Sykes or Jeff Williams whereas swing traders may prefer a subscription to Jason Bond Picks. That said, the educational materials are invaluable – his options course alone could be separately sold for much more than the monthly subscription fee – and the care taken to teach new traders is hard to beat. Overall, we recommend Watch Him Trade.

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