Warrior Trading Review

Warrior Trading Review
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Warrior Trading has quickly become one of the more prominent day trading chat rooms on the web. The service boasts a wide variety of offerings, ranging from trading courses to trading simulators. Read this review to see if Warrior Trading is a good fit for your trading style and goals.

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About Warrior Trading

With a community spanning over 500,000 traders, Warriortrading.com has grown into one of the largest trader education sites on the internet. Ross Cameron is the guru and founder of this active trading community. He runs the site with a team of gurus and moderators that specialize in different trading styles and methodologies. This diversity creates a cumulative effect that is pretty contagious and makes for a unique environment for traders.

The site has received many accolades and was nominated twice for Best Trading Educator for 2017 and 2016 Benzinga Fintech Awards. His chatroom is one of the largest on the internet, with regular attendance up to 1300 traders in the morning. One of the most unique things Ross did was to take a $583 account from January 2017 and grow it to over $100,000 in under 2 months. He provides broker statements to validate the astounding gains. The site is littered with testimonials and success stories and makes it very compelling along with the occasional free chatroom access days several times a month. There is a quiz on the homepage that walks you through sets of questions to determine if you are a newbie or an experienced trader, if you weren’t sure. After completion, it will guide you to the products and services best suited for your skill levels.

Warrior Trading Chat Room

Styles of Trading

Ross Cameron has a very disarming and humble demeanor, which makes him easy to trust and approach with questions. The guy is very sincere and had absolutely no ego. He also has a very soothing voice, which emanates confidence tempered with calmness that transfers over to the members in the chatroom. He is very easy to follow and takes the time to explain his trades and set-ups as they happen, which are very rare. To me, this is one of the most attractive elements of the chatroom and makes the education very digestible.

Trading Stats

Ross tends to trade lower priced momentum small-cap stocks, which gives more bang for the buck, literally. He focuses on intra-day and swing trades. The action kicks off around 9 am EST. when Ross starts to review the strategy for the upcoming trading day and proceeds to signal his trades with detailed analysis until noon, where he wraps up his participation. Ross has discovered that afternoon trading doesn’t provide the risk reward benefit, as liquidity tends to thin out, making it treacherous for large groups of traders in a chatroom. I appreciate him looking out for the members.

The Moderators

Ross has a team of trading moderators, each with their own style and areas of expertise. The moderators share their screens and interact over live audio and video streams via webcams. This provides special in-depth perspectives from the eye of the storm. Some of the veteran moderators include technical analyst Mike, who trades mid-cap stocks, Ed scalps intra-day momentum stocks and Jeff is a swing trader specializing in multi-day high probability swing trades with stocks and options (similar to Jason Bond).

Warrior Trading Interactive Chat Room

The interactive chatroom is where the action is as attendance can reach upwards of 1,500 traders in the mornings making it the largest one I’ve ever been in. Ross streams his charts and stock scanner with news feeds. Alerts are made in the announcements box followed by audio commentary. During the briefing sessions, Ross will also stream himself speaking to the members in his usual soothing, calm and collected tone. The moderators will chime in throughout the trading sessions with their alerts as well. The swing trade alerts are given via e-mail and text throughout the day.

The interactive chatroom which includes live scanners, watch list, news feed, and 3-5 swing trades per week is $199 per month, or quarterly prepaid plan for $449 and the annual prepaid plan is $1,346. The annual plan gives access to the High of the day MOMO scanner, Gap Scans and Trade reporting docs as a bonus.

Live Scanner

I really appreciate the live scanner since I get many ideas directly from the scans, which is powered through Trade-Ideas. My favorite scans include the high of the day momo, big movers, RSI extremes and 5-min surging. These provide stocks that have volume, liquidity and most importantly momentum. Although the small-cap stocks can be risky, as long as there is big volume, it gives me the liquidity to get out without too much slippage.

Warrior Trading Scanner

Trading Courses

Ross put together a solid trader training system for all skill levels. The content is deep and rich with high quality production effects. The pricing will vary depending on whether you snag a special promotion. These courses are on par with courses from Investors Underground and Bulls on Wall Street, but they are a bit simpler and utilize a different strategy.

Warrior Trading Course

The bundled training courses:

The Warrior Starter Course is $997 and includes one-month chatroom, one-month trading simulator and one-month access to Core Warrior Trading Course.

The Warrior Pro Course is $4,299 and includes everything in the Started Course for three-months as well as the day trading, swing trading, advanced options, Advanced Scalp Systems and Personalized Trade Review with Ross.

The Warrior Inner Circle is by application only and includes the Warrior Pro course materials for a year along with a meet and greet with Ross, access to Inner Circle chatroom and private access to Ross. The price for this varies depending on your skill levels.

Live Trading Simulator

Another unique aspect of Warrior Trading is the live trading simulator service, which lets you put what you learned into practice without the risk of losses. I think it’s a good idea for newbies to get a ‘proof of concept’ exposure to confirm the effectiveness of the trading signals. Personally, I don’t believe in paying for a simulator when I’m already trading cash and many brokers offer a simulator for free. This one is really for the newest of newbies since it costs $99 per month, $249 quarterly or $899 for the prepaid annual discount plan.

Is Warrior Trading Right For You?

They cater to both beginning and experienced traders. If you’re not sure, you can take the quiz on the homepage. It will direct you to the services that best fit your skill levels. The chatroom had a lot of newbies in there but it seems a lot of people are making big profits based on the testimonials. I will usually wait out the alerts for pullbacks to avoid chasing them. Some traders will just jump headfirst into any alert, but they do warn against piggybacking their trades blindly.

Should I try it out?

The site regularly produces blogs and videos on the site as well as offer free days in the chatroom and promotions like $5 for 5-day access. The chatroom is a great bargain at $199 per month since you get access to the stream scanners as well. The training courses can be pretty expensive but offer great insight. Overall, the site is a great value for what you get in return as far as trading alerts and education content.

Service Strengths

  • Lots of transparency on Ross’s trades and broker statements back up results
  • Streaming scanner is an extra value that produces good trading candidates
  • Training programs are in-depth and diversified
  • Mobile and tablet access is a great bonus
  • Trading results speak for themselves
  • Largest trading chatroom I’ve ever been in, makes for a great community

Areas for Improvement

  • Training programs are not cheap
  • Not much afternoon trading
  • Certain alerts can be hard to replicate or take action on

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