Tipranks Review – A Closer Look At This Research Platform

Tipranks Review
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Tipranks is a research platform that takes tips from over 14,000 experts and ranks them. Tipranks collects, appraises, and ranks these recommendations for its users. So, do you think Tipranks ratings could change your trading? Read to learn all you need to know.


  • Solid trading and investment opportunities and ideas available daily
  • Robust performance data on experts and their track records compared to peers
  • Keeps analysts and bloggers accountable for their work
  • Smart Score is an easy-to-use rating that takes the legwork out of research
  • Newsfeed segments news into Bullish News and Bearish News for your holdings
  • Excellent fundamental and quantitative data analysis
  • Ideally suited for fundamentals-based traders and investors


  • Very few technical analysis tools
  • Memberships are on an annual prepaid basis, not monthly

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Introduction To Tipranks

Tipranks is a research platform that collects, appraises and ranks the stock recommendations of financial analysts, bloggers and gurus based on accuracy and performance. The site is aptly named to describe its function in a nutshell, ranking (stock) tips from over 14,000 experts. Users can use the data to perform their own analysis on stocks and portfolios while generating tradeable investment ideas. I like how the service tests the mettle of the experts to derive who are the best-of-the-best worth following.

Tipranks Pricing Options

Tipranks has three types of memberships:

Tipranks Pricing

The Basic membership is free with registration and enables access to view stocks with increases in analyst activity, finding the best 25 experts, measured performance for any of the experts in the database, Smart Score rating and analyst targets for any stock, stock screener and earnings calendars.

The Premium membership is charged at $359-per year and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Although the cost breaks down to $29.95-per month, users are charged the full yearly rate upfront. This plan is recommended for individual investors and enables additional access to see trending stocks by sector and different time periods, access to Analyst Top Stocks, finding best analysts by sector and follow up to five experts with real-time email notifications.

The Ultimate membership is charged at $599-per year which breaks down to $49.95-per month. This plan is recommended for institutional investors and professionals and include all features of Research Tools, Top Stocks, Most Popular, Expert Performance and Smart Portfolios. Insider Hot Stocks lets subscribers follow stock with notable insider trading. Multiple portfolio management and ability to follow unlimited number of the best experts with real-time email notifications. Access to rankings of the leading research firms and many more comparison metrics for top experts are some of the exclusive features of the Ultimate Membership plan.

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Tipranks Notable Features

Tipranks has a ton of features, these are some of the most useful. Access to the features depends on the type of membership users are subscribed to.

Smart Scores

To help users make sense from all the data, Tipranks takes all the research for any stock and devises a Smart Score to rate the stock. Users can reference a stock’s Smart Score as a foothold prior to making the effort to delve deeper into their research. The Smart Score can also be used as a screening filter and access the Smart Score Stocks list to find top trading and investing candidates.

Tipranks Stock Analyst

Smart Portfolios

Users can construct portfolios like watch lists with stocks and Tipranks will not only track them but also notify and alert users of new ratings changes. The Newsfeed will pull all the news for your holdings and takes the extra unique step of segmenting them into Bullish and Bearish news, which is unique to Tipranks. This feature is very convenient when looking for long/short ideas and one I’ve yet to find on other platforms. While this can’t replace a standalone news platform like Benzinga Pro, it’s a great feature for staying on top of headlines that affect your core portfolios.

TipRanks Portfolio

Top Stocks

This feature lets you find the top Strong Buy rated stocks. Depending on the timing of the ratings and price gap, traders can play both sides intraday long/short while investors may consider taking a position for the longer-term investment. I like heading straight to these stocks for momentum and follow-through, especially when they are recommended by the best-of-breed experts. It’s similar to the alerts and portfolio sections on Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor dashboard and Action Alerts Plus.

Tipranks SmartScore Stocks


Tipranks lets users scan for stocks using various filters including consensus ratings, Smart Score, price targets and market capitalization. The screener a unique as a sentiment scanner that primarily focuses on overall sentiment and the material effects on the underlying stock price action. This is much different than a typical price or pattern-based scanner that most traders are accustomed to.

TipRanks Screener

Top 25 Experts  

Users can search through the Top 25 Experts from analysts, bloggers to fund managers and Wall Street research firms. The goal here is to look for stock ideas based on the merits of the top experts recommending them. It’s another unique approach to finding opportunities through a backdoor/reverse engineered approach.

Tipranks Top 25 Analysts

Is Tipranks Right For You?

Tipranks appeals to traders of all styles. The information is applicable for intra-day, short-term and long-term purposes. The real-time ratings feed lets intraday traders react on the immediate impact on price action from analyst upgrades and downgrades. Swing traders and long-term investors can benefit from the lasting follow-through effect of the top performing expert recommendations centered around compelling fundamental research. There is no technical analysis tools, so it’s best suited for users with a preference for fundamentals and quantitative metrics based information.

Is Tipranks a Good Value?

The service is a great value when considering the numerous ideas generated by the platform daily. The annual membership can be paid for with just a few trading or investment ideas. It’s always a good idea to start with the Basic free membership to kick the tires and then considering an upgrade to the Premium or Ultimate plan. Both come with a 30-day money back guarantee. There are no monthly memberships despite the site showing how much the monthly costs would be. This can be a bit confusing if not irritating.

The Service We Recommend Instead of TipranksAfter deep analysis of multiple services, we currently recommend the Motley Fool over Tipranks. Read our review to find out why.Read the Review


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