Stock Rover Review – How Does This Trading Tool Stack Up?

Stock Rover Review
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If trading is your game then you know it is important to have a good platform. Stock Rover is a trading platform that claims to do it all, from researching stocks to tracking your portfolio. Does this platform live up to its claims? Read our thorough review of Stock Rover and decide for yourself.


  • More than 600 fundamental metrics included
  • Create custom metrics using logic
  • Flexible charts that can plot fundamental metrics over time
  • Customizable alerts that look at more than stock price 
  • Portfolio tracking and rebalancing tools included


  • Layout can be somewhat overwhelming
  • Would benefit from more technical indicators

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About Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a do-it-all platform for researching stocks, finding trading opportunities, and tracking your portfolio. This platform is surprisingly powerful, with options to create custom metrics when analyzing stocks or custom equations for screening stocks. Even better, accessing all of the platform’s features is relatively inexpensive for the tools and data it provides.

With so many platforms out there, like Sterling Trader Pro and Sierra Chart, how are you supposed to know if Stock Rover is right for you? We’ve done all the research. We’ll take a look at Stock Rover, their pricing, their features, and more to help you decide if this is the platform you want.Stock Rover - Homepage

StockRover Pricing Options

Stock Rover offers four different plans.

The free plan is relatively basic. It provides stock and ETF data as well as portfolio tracking, but leaves out many of the analytics, screen parameters, and customizations that make Stock Rover worthwhile.

The Essentials plan costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. With this option, you get access to five years’ worth of historical stock, ETF, and index data, plus the stock screener and alerts. However, you only get a limited number of fundamental metrics when screening or viewing stocks, and you cannot add your own custom metrics.

The Premium plan costs $17.99 per month or $179.99 per year. This gives you access to all of Stock Rover’s fundamental metrics and lets you screen ETFs in addition to stocks. It also offers more advanced portfolio analysis, including correlation analysis and dividend income projection. However, you still won’t be able to create custom metrics with a Premium subscription.

The Premium Plus plan costs $27.99 per month or $279.99 per year. This unlocks all of Stock Rover’s features and increases the number of portfolios, custom screens, and connected brokerages you can have.

Stock Rover - Pricing

Stock Rover starts with a 14-day trial of the Premium Plus plan when you sign up.


Stock, Index, And ETF Data

The amount of data that Stock Rover has on more than 10,000 stocks and hundreds of ETFs is quite incredible. You can easily view a wide variety of fundamental metrics, including a company’s balance sheet, cash flow, and dividend history. Stock Rover also displays Morningstar’s financial health, profitability, and growth grades for stocks, plus its own set of growth, value, and momentum ratings.Stock Rover - Data Table

Notably, technical metrics are largely left out of the stock table data. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not included in Stock Rover. You’re able to screen stocks and ETFs according to a wide variety of technical indicators, and these indicators are also available for charting.

One of the most exciting things about Stock Rover is that you can use any of the available fundamental or technical metrics to create your own custom metric. Custom metrics that you develop are displayed just like Stock Rover’s built-in metrics throughout the platform. The metric developer has a fair number of logic functions, so there are very few limits on what you can create.Stock Rover - Custom Metrics


Stock Rover also includes charting software. It’s by no means the most advanced charting platform on the market, but the charts are surprisingly capable. You can plot candlesticks on daily, weekly, or monthly timescales (no intraday timescales are available). In addition, the charts support common technical studies like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI. When plotting lines rather than candlesticks, you can easily plot multiple stocks, ETFs, or indices simultaneously to compare returns.Stock Rover - Charts

The charting capabilities are even better when you consider that the software isn’t limited to price charts. You can plot any of the hundreds of fundamental metrics that Stock Rover calculates over time (similar to Ycharts). Charts are stacked by default to show how fundamental parameters have moved together, along with price and technical metrics, over time. 

Stock Screener

Stock Rover’s stock screener is another powerful tool that traders can use to find opportunities. The platform comes with a selection of 14 screens that cover everything from Warren Buffet-style picks to stocks undervalued according to fair value analysis. Helpfully, you can copy and modify any of these pre-built screens, or apply a second screen on top of an existing list of screener results.Stock Rover - Built-In Screens

The custom screen builder is also spectacular. With a Premium Plus subscription, you have access to more than 600 fundamental and technical parameters. The technical parameters are notably limited in scope – they’re primarily built around moving averages and MACD – but you can pull in analyst ratings, balance sheet metrics, dividend growth, and Stock Rover ratings to build a stock or ETF screen. You also get access to an equation builder that lets you apply logic functions to create a complex set of filters.Stock Rover - Stock Screener Parameters


Stock Rover also has built-in email alerts. These are impressively versatile and aren’t at all limited to price alerts. In fact, you can create alerts based on P/E ratio or volume, as well as for stocks that rise or fall significantly more than other companies in the same market sector.Stock Rover - Alerts

Importantly, you can also create alerts around a portfolio or watchlist. In that case, when you create an alert, it will trigger for any individual stock contained in that portfolio. 

Portfolio Analysis

Stock Rover is also useful for tracking your portfolio. The platform includes several basic tools for measuring your return over time, as well as projecting your income from dividends into the future (taking dividend growth into account).

Even better, Stock Rover can help you rebalance your portfolio over time as needed. You can assign percentage values to each of the stocks in a portfolio and allow for a certain amount of drift. When rebalancing is needed based on your allowed drift, Stock Rover will calculate the number of shares of each stock that you need to buy or sell to reach your target allocation. Stock Rover also has a useful correlation analysis tool that you can use when deciding how to allocate stocks within your portfolio.Stock Rover - Portfolio Rebalancing

Customization And Layout

Stock Rover has a lot of tools, so the platform can appear crowded. However, the software has done a very good job of managing this. Stock Rover is broken up into three different view types – Table, Chart, and Insight – and you can switch among them seamlessly from a menu in the ever-present side panel. There are times when this gets confusing, but it felt like an elegant solution that made it easy to get the appropriate view for any type of data across the platform.

The other nice adaptation that Stock Rover has is a navigation panel. This panel is easy to minimize but always present. From it, you can easily keep the stock tickers you’re working with at hand or browse your portfolios or custom scans.Stock Rover - Layout

Compatible Brokerages

Stock Rover is compatible with most major brokerages like Etrade, Schwab and TD Ameritrade. When you link your account, the software will automatically import your positions into a new portfolio and begin tracking your returns.Stock Rover - Brokerages

Stock Rover Platform Differentiators

Stock Rover is one of the most comprehensive fundamental analysis and portfolio management platforms on the market. The sheer number of fundamental metrics is unmatched by most other research platforms, and the fact that you can create custom metrics for use across the platform is a huge advantage. Stock Rover also stands out in that it allows you to easily chart multiple stocks at once and to created stacked plots of fundamental metrics over time. All of this on its own would be impressive, but Stock Rover goes even further by offering advanced portfolio rebalancing tools and highly customizable alerts.

What Type of Trader Is Stock Rover Best For?

Stock Rover is built for fundamental analysis, although it is flexible enough to work well for traders who use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. The platform can cater to both beginner and advanced traders thanks to its mix of built-in tools and a highly customizable, logic-driven metric builder. On top of that, Stock Rover is suitable for both active traders and long-term investors since it provides both real-time stock data as well as portfolio tracking and rebalancing features.

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