PennyPro Review – Is It Worth The Money?

PennyPro Review
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In this review, we look at PennyPro’s subscription options. While PennyPro offers solid trading educational services, some of its features are ultimately a bit lackluster. That said, the $99 per month Penny Stock Pro option may be worth a shot.

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About PennyPro

PennyPro is, in essence, a penny stock trading educational service and chat room. It’s run by day trading pro and self-professed self-made multi-millionaire Jeff Williams, of whom little is, frankly, known – he references a penchant for teaching, but biographical information is sparse. Williams founded the service within the last few years and is joined by two additional traders, Taylor Conway and Davis Martin, whose about sections are equally informative. What we do know if their trading styles: Jeff is a long-biased trader, Taylor leans heavily on technical analysis, and Davis functions as the site’s swing trading mentor.

PennyPro Team

Between the three of them (and, presumably, some sort of support staff), they run two programs: Penny Stock Pro and Penny Stock Millionaire, whose services collectively include chatrooms, watchlists, trade alerts, video lessons, webinars, stock picks, a series of DVDs, mentoring meetings, and live streamed trading from Williams.

Penny Stock Pro, the more basic subscription level, costs only $99 per month, fairly reasonable for this sort of service, while the Millionaire Program, their premium service, weighs in at a whopping $3,999 per year. Pro offers access to the bigger chatroom, watchlists, alerts, and access to the video lesson library – including regularly released new content – and occasional webinars. Millionaire, on the other hand, offers more direct access to Williams and the other pro traders, giving you all the features of Pro plus stock picks, the DVDs, mentoring sessions, access to Jeff’s live stream, access to a members only chat room, and a once per year in-person meeting with Jeff and the team.

Let’s go over those services in more detail to give you a better idea of whether all the extra bells and whistles of the more expensive program might be right for you.

Services Offered

PennyPro is a service offered under the Raging Bull umbrella of stock trading companies. The format and features are similar to Jason Bond Picks, but more focused on penny stocks.

Day Trading Chat Room

PennyPro has two different chat rooms, the one for basic subscribers and the exclusive one for those who’ve joined the Millionaire program. Most members, naturally, hang out in the regular chat room. On a daily basis, there can be upward of 100, even 200 or more traders on there, and a lot of them are fairly new to day trading and penny stocking. If you’re new, a word to the wise – don’t jump in on trades suggested by the other members (not by the pros) until you know what you’re looking for. Penny stocks are infamous for pump and dump schemes and you never know why another subscriber is suggesting a trade.

PennyPro Chat Room

Visually, the chat room looks much like other similar chat rooms. On the left, you’ll see a list of who’s online at the moment, in the center you’ll see your streaming stock scanner, at the bottom center is your chat log, and in the lower right you have trade alerts showing entries and exits made by the PennyPro mentor team. They also provide audio commentary on the day and respond to members’ questions and comments by chat and via the audio stream. Alerts can also be sent via email or text/SMS.

You’re advised not to piggyback on the mentors’ trades, but there will always be some members that will. New traders especially should avoid simply following alerts as you’ll often end up getting in too late to get a decent price. Traders with a bit more experience who know what they’re looking for might sometimes be able to hop in on a trade based on these alerts, but again, it’s better to learn the tricks and tools of the trade so you can identify your own trades rather than blindly following the leader. Penny stocks in particular can be risky and volatile, so it’s important to learn the ropes if you decide to start trading in them.

As well as the basic chatroom, the Millionaire program, again, has its own room, where students can watch Williams trade live via a live stream of his screens and broker account.

Daily Stock Watch Lists

In terms of the watch lists, PennyPro is about average in the quality of their lists, nothing to write home about but certainly nothing to sneeze at. The pro traders have, as a unit, made some impressive gains penny stocking and know what they’re doing.

You’ll receive 5-10 stocks to keep an eye on daily. The service combines technical analysis and watching the news to find picks. With PennyPro, you can figure out what kind of trader you are and then should be able to find lots of good ideas that suit your style between these watch lists, the alerts, and the scanner.

PennyPro Alert

Video Lesson Library (+ New Weekly Lessons)

The PennyPro Video Lesson Library, offering now over 1000 videos, is a thing of beauty. If anything about this service is remarkable, it’s in their educational materials. These are great for new traders and they offer some more advanced lessons for traders that have completed the courses or are already established. New content is released every two weeks, so they’re building on their repertoire all the time. The educational content is of high quality and those looking to get into penny stock trading who are willing and able to learn by watching videos will find it to be a good value.

Unfortunately, unlike many other similar services, the video content available to you for free online is pretty limited, so you may have to buy in for a month to get a sense of them. We’d definitely recommend starting with only a month of Pro regardless of your interest level so you can get enough of a taste to decide if the PennyPro teaching style works for you. There is a free list you can join as well and you can see some blog posts hidden at the bottom of their site if you want a sampling.

PennyPro Educational Materials

Educational Webinars

As well as the pre-recorded content, joining Penny Stock Pro gets you access to bi-monthly webinars, which typically last about an hour and are organized by experience level of trader (i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced). This lets you ask your questions and get answers in real time. The pros are also pretty good about answering questions submitted other ways in a timely fashion and friendly manner. Millionaire members also get access to more regular webinars in swing trading and from guest speakers, among other things. Speaking of which-

Millionaire Program

Millionaire Only Features

I decided against buying into the Millionaire level – this reviewer’s not made out of money, not as of yet – but this is a quick overview of what you’ll get if you do decide to subscribe:

  • Annual subscriptions to both PennyPro and Top Stock Picks
  • PennyPro’s proprietary Trading Course
  • Weekly Mentoring sessions – this is particularly exciting for someone looking to get into trading that can spend the money here. The site seems to suggest the sessions are five times per week, but the language is a bit unclear.
  • Small Account Challenge Live Streaming – Right now, Jeff Williams is working to turn a $10k account into a $1 million account and live streaming his progress. Updates on this are also sent to the Pro level, but the Millionaire group gets to see it unfold live
  • A once-a-year trip to see Jeff and the rest of the PennyPro team (presumably in Arlington, TX, where the site says they’re based, but who’s to say?).

How Does It Compare To Other Services?

PennyPro is good overall, but to be absolutely honest, there are better options out there. The $99 option is viable but the $3,999 Millionaire option isn’t worth it.

The site is best for those interested exclusively in becoming penny stock traders and is heavily geared toward new traders. That said, the video lessons can be very helpful for newer traders interested in technical analysis and the education offered is of good quality. Other chat rooms are better in terms of quality of alerts and offer access to stronger, better known traders. In particular, there’s something off-putting about how little information is given about the founder and his team, though they’re all very capable.

Pros and Cons

So, to summarize, here’s a quick list of pros and cons.


  • Plenty of trade ideas via the scanner and watch list over the trading day
  • Strong video content that thoroughly covers trader training and continues to grow
  • Mentors capable, friendly, and responsive, if mildly mysterious
  • A large and largely friendly and well-moderated community of traders
  • Easy to read and understand chat room is a plus


  • Minimal and slightly harder to access free materials mean less content to help you assess whether they’ll be a good fit for you
  • Focus almost solely on penny stocks, which can be risky
  • Lack something to really set them apart from other similar services
  • Bios of the mentors and founder lack substance to tell you who you’re learning from, though the quality of their educational materials and picks is solid


While PennyPro may not be the top service on the market, it’s certainly solid and, if you’re interested in learning trading via video lessons, could be a great fit. At $99 per month, the Penny Stock Pro service is well worth a trial month for those shopping around for an educational service and chat room. The Millionaire program, on the other hand, probably doesn’t give enough bang for the big bucks they’re charging. The trade alerts and chat room may be a bit lackluster to more experienced traders, but it’s as good a place as any to get started.

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