MarketClub Review – Is This INO Service Worth Using?

MarketClub Review
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The right trading signals can make a world of difference when it comes to investing. MarketClub is a trading signals service that includes stocks, forex, and commodity futures. This service uses a technical analysis algorithm to identify buy and sell signals based on factors such as price change, moving averages, and highs/lows. This information is then used to issue ‘trade triangle’ annotations on charts, with a green triangle indicating a buy signal and a red triangle being a sell signal. So, does MarketClub offer what you’re in search of? Before you decide, read our full MarketClub review!

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What is MarketClub?

INO MarketClub is a trading signals service founded in 2002 that covers stocks, forex, and commodity futures. The service offers buy and sell signals with simple ‘trade triangles’ that are easy for beginners to follow. In addition, INO MarketClub offers helpful tools for self-directed traders such a customizable scanner and watchlists.

So, is this software worthwhile? In our MarketClub review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how this service works and whether it can help you profit.

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How Much Does MarketClub Cost?

INO MarketClub costs $150 per quarter or $449 per year. You can try out the software for 30 days for $1.

MarketClub Pricing

What Do MarketClub Members Get?


INO MarketClub covers a wide range of markets, including the major US exchanges, the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the American Stock Exchange. The service also issues trading signals for forex and commodity markets, including precious metals like gold and silver.

Trade Triangles

Trade triangles are at the heart of INO MarketClub. Trade triangles are issued based on INO MarketClub’s proprietary technical analysis algorithm, which takes into account price changes, moving averages, and new highs and lows. A green trade triangle annotation on a chart indicates a buy signal, while a red trade triangle indicates a sell signal.

MarketClub Trade Triangles Chart

Typically, you’ll find trade triangles early in a trend rather than at tops and bottoms. It’s also important to note that the triangles themselves don’t offer information about the strength of a trend.

You can find a list of all newly issued trade triangles in the INO MarketClub dashboard. New signals can be sorted based on when they were issued, the trading volume associated with them, and the strength of the broader price trend. 

MarketClub Trade Triangles List

One of the neat things about trade triangles is that they’re available on multiple timeframes. Monthly trade triangles can help you spot trends and identify potential entry points for a position. Weekly triangles offer more precise information about entry and exit points, and you can also use them to stake out re-entry points for a trade. Daily trade triangles are recommended for futures and forex trading rather than stock trading.

Smart Scan

Smart Scan is INO MarketClub’s market scanning tool. You’ll find 24 premade scans for patterns like long-term momentum, moving average crossovers, and new highs and lows. You can’t create your own scans from scratch, but you can modify the premade screeners with volume and price filters.

MarketClub Smart Scan

Scan results can be viewed either as a list of symbols or as a list of miniaturized charts. Unfortunately, neither view shows you whether a stock has recent trade triangles associated with it – you’ll need to pull up the full-screen chart for the symbol in a new window in order to get this information.

Portfolios & Alerts

INO MarketClub lets you add any number of stocks, currencies, or commodities into customizable portfolios that effectively serve as watchlists. You can see at a glance whether the most recent daily, weekly, and monthly trade triangles are green or red, although you’ll need to open a chart to find out more details about what price levels they occurred at. 

MarketClub Portfolios

You can also set up email alerts to monitor your portfolios. You can receive an alert when a new trade triangle is issued for any symbol in one of your portfolios or when a technical event – such as a moving average crossover – occurs. One downside to the alerts, though, is that you can’t set up alerts for individual symbols, only entire portfolios.

MarketClub Alerts

A nice thing about the alerts tool is that you can choose whether to receive an email every time there’s an alert or at most once per week. So, your inbox won’t necessarily be flooded if you’re watching a large number of stocks. 

Is MarketClub Easy to Use?

INO MarketClub’s online interface is simple to navigate and only took a few minutes to get used to. The ability to create custom portfolios and alerts is a major plus, and we liked that most data tables can be sorted by any column. However, you can’t add or remove columns. For example, it would be helpful to see recent trade triangles in the Smart Scan results or to add information about what price levels trade triangles were issued at.

Notably, INO MarketClub allows you to download price and volume data for any symbol as a .csv file. You can select 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, 1-hour, or daily chart intervals for download. What’s missing from these spreadsheets, though, is information about past trade triangles – so it’s difficult to use downloaded data in conjunction with INO MarketClub’s signal system.

How Does MarketClub Compare?

The main feature that differentiates INO MarketClub from other platforms is its trade triangles. These trading signals are based on a proprietary trend-following algorithm and offer highly actionable information about when to buy and sell positions. The fact that INO MarketClub issues trade triangles on daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes is also unique, and it enables you to look at trends across multiple timeframes when deciding whether to open or close a position.

Another thing that sets INO MarketClub apart is that it works across multiple markets. You can trade stocks, including penny stocks, as well as forex and commodity futures with this platform.

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Is MarketClub Right For You?

INO MarketClub is best for swing and momentum traders who want to employ a trend-following strategy. The service’s trade triangles are very good at identifying the beginnings and ends of trends and the simplicity of the system makes it very actionable. However, you’ll still need to have some basic technical analysis skills in order to identify setups within a trend and to know when a top or bottom is approaching. Importantly, trade triangles are designed so that they’re best suited for weekly and monthly timeframes for equity trading, but for daily and weekly timeframes for forex and commodities trading.


  • Trade triangle system is very easy to follow
  • Issues scores for trend strength
  • Premade scans for common technical setups
  • Customizable portfolios with alerts
  • Works for stock, forex, and commodities trading


  • Cannot build scans from scratch using trade triangles
  • No alerts for individual symbols

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