Jason Bond Picks Review – The Pros and Cons

Jason Bond Picks Review
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Jason Bond Picks is a trading education and alerts service offering a swing trading chat room, stock watch lists, email/SMS alerts, and more. The service offers a quarterly swing trading program and a yearly Millionaire Roadmap program. Read the full review to see if Jason Bond Picks is a good fit for you.

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About Jason Bond Picks

Jason BondJason Bond has been running an online trading service for quite some time now. He started his swing trading instructional service in 2011 and it’s been making him a profit ever since.

Jason started out as a New York public school teacher. Not making much and in debt but armed with a master’s degree, he decided to make a change. He started day trading in his down time. It took him a while to get the hang of it but, once he did, he took off like a rocket. He quit his job shaping young minds to trade full-time and picked up teaching a very different kind of student – traders.

His teaching background is relevant here because it easily shines through in his written and video communications. His lessons are easy to understand and informative – he doesn’t skip important information and he knows how to deliver it. Sure, some have said he can go on a bit, but you’re paying for the service, so why would you mind hearing from him, right?

Another big pro of this service is the attention paid to customer service and personal connection. Jason answers all his emails personally, usually within a day. He is honest, transparent, and engaged.

Lesson quality aside, the quality of his analysis speaks for itself: in the past few years (2013-2016), he’s posted over $880k in trading profits.

Jason Bond Picks: Services Offered

There are four primary services offered by Jason Bond Picks: a library of video lessons, a chat room, daily swing trade watch lists (sent out in a morning email and available on the site), and trade alerts. Jason also offers weekly webinars and chats where subscribers can ask questions and a DVD about his methodology that comes free when you subscribe.

Video Lesson Library

There are over 50 video lessons available to subscribers that cover everything from money management to the basics of technical analysis to a whole section on penny stocks. The videos are generally very clear and well made. Bond knows how to take a complex topic and make it digestible, which is invaluable. Plus, all of the videos allow commenting, so if you have any questions, you can ask them there and either Bond or one of his helpers will get back to you fairly quickly.

Chat Room

Jason Bond Picks has an active stock trading chat room focusing on day and swing trading. The lay out and design and clean and easy and the room is well organized and strictly monitored. Over the course of an average day, the room can have over 500 people pass through, so it can be high in chatter, but it’s all focused on trading and the people tend to be friendly. There are, perhaps, a lot of newbies and cheerleaders, so a more advanced trader might find some of the conversation uninteresting, but you can mute other members of the room or send direct messages to whoever you want to chat with as needed. That said, it’s rare that anyone needs to be muted!

Jason Bond Chat Room

The room is broken up into two tabs: General Chat and Coffee Lounge. General Chat is for discussing current trades while Coffee Lounge is for broader discussions about trading.

Jason is available in the main or Millionaire Roadmap chat room most of the day, which is somewhat unique for this kind of service: usually it’d be his underlings – sorry, handpicked team of experts. And Jason has those too! Luke Murray is the main guy and is generally well liked, but Jason is definitely the selling point of the service. That said, it can start to feel like the Millionaire Roadmap room is where the cool kids hang out since Jason spends so much time there. (Surely that’s intentional, another way to encourage people to buy in, but more on that later.)

At the bottom right of the chat room, you can also see a live feed of all the trade actions the expert-types have taken for the day so far.

Swing Trade Watch Lists

Sent out in the morning, daily watch lists and the corresponding emails are a big, big, big plus of this service over other similar ones – Jason tells you what stocks to watch for the day, you watch, you learn. The emails also often include pertinent information or musings from Jason on current market trends.

Swing Trade Watch List

If or once you’re more familiar with swing trading, you can also use the list to buy even before Jason gets in and an alert goes out, if you have a stock you like.

And the end of the day, Jason also puts out a “how it went” kind of message. He’s a good egg and talks about his failures as well as his successes, which is helpful for those of us learning (novices or those of us who are more advanced but always learning alike).

Trade Alerts (Email + SMS)

Last but certainly not least, subscribers receive notifications by text and/or email with trade opportunities. This is especially helpful for those who aren’t at their desks, on their trading accounts all day long, but can be very useful for anyone interested in trading. You can try to jump on the same trades or just watch how it’s done if you’re new to trading. The best thing those learning can do is work to understand the fundamentals both by going through the educational materials provided and by watching in real-time how things work. You’ll also get notifications when you should get out.

Email Alerts

If you’re new and planning to follow Jason’s trading moves one step after him (which is a dubious but potentially lucrative maneuver), don’t go in too much higher than he did and don’t hold on too much longer. That is, don’t chase the stock!

Choosing a Subscription

When it comes to subscribing to Jason Bond Picks, you have two options: Swing Trading and Millionaire Road Map. We recommend the Swing Trading option. It includes both swing and long-term trading and is all you really need, especially if you’re just getting started. It’s priced quarterly ($399/quarter) but you’re billed monthly, so really it’s $133/month. Millionaire Roadmap, on the other hand, is a whopping $9,999/year. Yikes!

Swing Trading

This basic level of subscription offers all of the tools mentioned above: the chat room, trade alerts, watch lists, and access to the video lesson library. It covers day, swing, and long-term trading, plus penny stocks, if you’re so inclined. It’s a great program to get started day and swing trading and offers enough for even more advanced traders to generally find it worthwhile. If you’re in the market for something like this, it’s a good option overall.

Jason Bond Swing Trading

Millionaire Roadmap

The Millionaire Roadmap program is chock full of features. For your money, you get everything available at the Swing Trading level, plus membership to a bunch of additional programs: Day Trading, Top Stock Picks, Petra Picks Platinum, Top Option Picks, Mastermind Meet ups, and Startupcamp.com. You also get exclusive video content, access to a private chat room just for Millionaire Roadmap members (again, where Jason spends most of his time), direct mentorship from Jason, and access to his e*trade account to watch his trades in real time. Plus, you get more DVDS and, if you do well enough, they dangle the carrot that he might give you a Porsche.

So, as you can see, Millionaire Roadmap comes with a LOT of quality material. But is it worth it? We still think maybe not. All these things may be overkill for most traders and the price is just so very high. That money (again, just about 10 grand) is money probably better spent on trading, especially in you’re relatively new to trading.

How Does Jason Bond Picks Compare to Other Services?

Overall, the Swing Trading level is a good value for a great program. The quarterly pricing is a good price for the basic subscription. Again, we’d caution against investing in the Millionaire Roadmap unless you have the funds to burn, have tried the lower level and like Jason’s style, and are ready to take trading pretty seriously. Especially since Bond doesn’t do refunds.

The service is good for swing traders or people looking to get into swing and day training, and the information on long-term trades is also useful. If you’re already an active trader, you may prefer another chat room, but will likely find the alerts and morning emails worthwhile. Want a second opinion? Check out the 1,000+ testimonials posted all over his website!

To summarize, we say it’s worth a shot! Jason is a nice guy and he knows what he’s doing. If you’re in the market, this is a solid subscription.


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