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Investors Underground Review
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Investors Underground is a day trading community that was founded in 2008 by Nathan Michaud. The service is home to one of the largest day trading chat rooms on the web and some of the top traders in the world. Read this review to see if Investors Underground is a good fit for you.

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About Investors Underground

Investors Underground is one of the longest standing online trading chat rooms and home to many renowned day traders. Investors Underground was officially launched in 2008 by Nathan Michaud, however Michaud was prominent in the online trading world years before that. Nathan Michaud used to run, a service similar to Investors Underground but operating at a smaller scale. Nathan Michaud (who still goes by @InvestorsLive on Twitter) is one of the most well-known online stock traders, alongside Timothy Sykes. Nate’s trading style is primarily oriented around intraday momentum trading, which is the key focus of Investors Underground. That said, Investors Underground has one of the most diverse groups of traders that we’ve seen in our reviews.

Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground is an online trading community that offers premium memberships for traders who want chat room access, daily watch lists, video lessons, and more. Basically, the service acts as an “all-in-one” tool for jumpstarting your trading career. We’ll dive deeper into the main features in this Investors Underground review.

Investors Underground Membership Options

Investors Underground offers two basic memberships: Standard and Elite. The main difference is that Elite members have access to weekly trade recaps and a large library of video lessons. Standard plans start at $197/month and Elite plans start at $297/month. Discounts are available for quarterly and annual memberships. Which plan is best?

Investors Underground Membership

First off, we recommend choosing the Elite plan. The extra $100/month may deter you at first, but the video lesson library is one of the best features of the service.

Second, we recommend choosing a quarterly or annual plan. It almost seems like Investors Underground priced the monthly plans to guide traders into the quarterly or annual plans. Both of these plans provide way more value and can save you up to 50% of the monthly cost. If you don’t want to commit to a longer subscription, start with the monthly and consider upgrading if you plan to stick around.

Let’s take a look at the features.

Daily Watch Lists

Every night, a few of the moderators (Nate, Alex, Dante, Emil, etc) share their stock watch lists. The watch lists usually include the ticker, the chart, and the game plan for the next day.

Investors Underground Watch Lists

These watch lists are a bit different than other services. They are not simply “buy or sell” recommendations. For example, Nate may say he wants to go long Twitter if it has a weak open or short Twitter if it gaps up. While this can be slightly confusing at first, it helps you better understand the strategy and thought process behind the trades. This builds on the methodology of “the stock market is always right.” It’s better to react to the trade than fight the market.

Investors Underground Scan Nate

The watch lists are pretty diverse and cater to a variety of trading styles. Watch lists include penny stocks and stocks over $100. They include long trades and short trades as well as day trades and swing trades.

Trading Chat Rooms

Investors Underground provides access to three trading chat rooms with every membership.

Investors Underground Chat Rooms

There is a penny stock chat room for traders focused on lower priced stocks (which now includes crypto trading as well).

There is a swing trading chat room for traders who hold positions for days or weeks. This chat room is run by Michele of TradeontheFly and has a lot of great charts and longer term trade ideas.

Swing Trading Chat Room

Last but not least, the momentum trading chat room is for traders looking to take advantage of intraday price action. The momentum trading chat room is definitely the star of the Investors Underground service. There are hundreds of traders in the chat room and tons of great ideas being shared.

Day Trading Chat Room

Moderators share ideas and updates in real-time. While Nathan Michaud is the head moderator, there are plenty of other skilled traders in the chat room. This is what differentiates Investors Underground from other trading chat rooms. There is less of a herd mentality where traders follow a single trader. Instead, it is about sharing ideas. Certain traders are known for their ability to share breaking news, some are focused on large cap stocks, and some are focused on short selling parabolic runners.

While I believe this chat room provides the most value, I understand how it can be confusing at first. The chat room is based on alerts and game plans, whereas other chat rooms may offer buy or sell signals. If you expect to buy or sell based on alerts, you’ll get less value out of the chat room. If you are looking to become a more skilled trader, you will find the value.

The chat room is easily my favorite part of the service. It serves as a great market guide and makes the monthly membership fee worth it. Essentially, you get to read the thoughts and ideas of successful traders in real-time. At one point, I paused my Investors Underground membership and found myself lost in the noise of the markets without the chat room.

It can be argued that the members of the Investors Underground chatroom are more of a closer-knit community than those of a chatroom like Timothy Sykes.

Trade Recaps and Video Lessons

The Investors Underground chat room is fast-paced and designed for traders of all skill levels. Investors Underground also provides tools specifically for beginner-intermediate traders. If you pay for the Elite subscription, make sure you are taking advantage of these tools. Elite membership provides access to weekly trade recaps which are stored in a video lesson library.

Video Lesson Library

The trade recap videos discuss daily trading activity and trading concepts. If you find yourself lost in chat, review the trade recaps. These aren’t just for beginners. They can be used to better understand how Nate approached a certain trade. For example, if you traded NVDA but got stopped out early, you could watch the trade recap to see how Nate approached the trade.

Day Trading Video Lesson

The video lessons are the most valuable educational tool provided with the monthly membership.

Educational Webinars

Investors Underground hosts a few webinars for members each month. These webinars are hosted by Nate, Cody, Alex, Dante, and Emil.

The webinars serve as a “check-in” for all members. The moderators generally discuss recent market activity and trade recaps, however a large portion of the webinar is reserved for Q&A sessions. If you are new to trading, you should really take advantage of this feature. If you find yourself lost, the webinars can provide you with the guidance you need. For example, if you don’t fully understand how to use the VWAP indicator, ask in the webinar. You will get a full explanation with visual support.

You can always ask questions in chat, but the webinars provide an opportunity to get a more in-depth answer.

Day Trading Courses

Up until now, we’ve covered all of the features included in the monthly memberships. Investors Underground also provides trading courses that have a one-time fee (vs. subscription) for streaming access.

The courses can be purchased individually or bundled with memberships. While you can choose between a membership or the courses, it makes more sense to bundle them for two reasons. First, you’ll get a better discounted rate. Second, once you learn the methodology discussed in the courses, the membership can serve as a support system.

Investors Underground offers both a beginners and advanced trading course. The beginners course is called Textbook Trading and the advanced course is called Tandem Trader.

We won’t do a full review of each course, as they could each be a review of their own, but here’s a quick summary.

Textbook Trading

Textbook Trading is a comprehensive course on day trading. It is considered the “beginners” course but it covers a lot of intermediate and advanced topics. Basically, this course covers everything you need to know to get started with day trading. If you are only going to purchase one of the two courses, make sure this one is it.

Textbook Trading Course

The video course has over eight hours of content and covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Trading Setups
  • Reading Stock Charts
  • Best Chart Patterns
  • Trading Benny Stocks
  • Choosing a Broker
  • and More

I’ve watched hundreds of hours of trading courses, and this is by far the best course I’ve seen.

Tandem Trader

Tandem Trader is a more advanced course that builds on the methodologies discussed in Textbook Trading. Textbook Trading is considered a prerequisite to Tandem Trader.

Whereas Textbook Trading focuses on trading in theoryTandem Trader focuses on trading in action. Nate actually recorded all of his trades for a few months in order to put together the course.

The Tandem Trader course provides recordings of real trades (sped up) with commentary from Nate and Cam. These recordings are used to show the real-world application of trading strategies. For example, the ABCD stock pattern is discussed in Textbook Trading. The pattern is explained thoroughly with a few chart examples. In Tandem Trader, Nate shows you how he actually trades the pattern, bridging the gap between theory and application.

Tandem Trader Course

Tandem Trader is best for traders who have had some experience with trading. If you haven’t sat behind your screens watching charts and placing trades, the lessons won’t resonate as well. I would recommend starting with Textbook trading and trading (or paper trading) on your own for a bit before diving into Tandem Trader.

How Does Investors Underground Compare?

Investors Underground is easily one of the top trading communities. If you are serious about becoming a day trader and have the time to commit, you will get a lot of value out of Investors Underground. Here are some of the main reasons we like Investors Underground.

Wide Range of Talent

Many trading services are built around the “guru” model in which a single trader garners a following of other traders who seek to emulate the guru’s trading style. These “guru” services are hit or miss and new traders will likely find it difficult to simply “follow” a trading strategy. Investors Underground isn’t about gurus and students – it’s a trading community. There are tons of skilled traders, some of whom you may be familiar with from Twitter. These traders have unique styles, ideas, and trading strengths, meaning you get more value out of the service.

Wide Range of Trading Styles

Investors Underground doesn’t promote a single trading style or chart pattern. They are not simply buying breakouts, trading pump and dumps, or trading earnings winners. Every member of the chat room has a unique trading style. This helps new traders find their niche in the markets. Once you find your niche, you can also reach out to moderators for support with your specific style.

Time-Tested Trading Strategies

There are new trading services popping up every day. If a trader makes over $100k, they’re next inclination is to start a service. While some of these services are legit, many of them aren’t worth the time. Many of these services haven’t experienced the ups and downs of trading. How do they react in a bear market? How do they react to market trends?

Investors Underground has been around for 10+ years, meaning the strategies (and the traders) are time-tested.

No Marketing Gimmicks

Many other trading services attempt to lure in new traders with shady marketing gimmicks. They pose the question, “do you want to be rich?” instead of, “do you want to learn a skill?” The leaders of these services share photos of their luxurious lifestyles, exotic vacations, and fancy cars. While there’s nothing wrong with motivating new traders, these other services tend to take the focus off of trading and move it to wealth. This is distracting and gives the entire industry a bad reputation. A law school doesn’t try to attract students with depictions of wealth and nor should a trading service.

Investors Underground is 100% focused on day trading. You can tell all of the moderators eat, sleep, and breathe day trading and the marketing messages reflect that. This is one of the main differences between a trader like Nathan and a trader like Timothy Sykes.

Bang For Your Buck

There are a lot of trading services to choose from when you are getting started and what works best for one trader may not work best for another. Different strategies resonate in different ways with different traders. Every service will have satisfied customers and disgruntled customers – no way around that.

New traders tend to gravitate to the cheaper options when getting started. While lower priced memberships may feel “cheaper,” it’s important to remember that price isn’t always associated with the value. Trading is serious business with real money on the line. The market can teach you $100 or $1000 lessons in minutes.

Investors Underground is the best trading service for the money. You get access to a large community of traders, daily watch lists, a thriving chat room, libraries of trading education, and more.

Start with the free course from Investors Underground to see if their trading/teaching style resonates with you.

Final Thoughts on Investors Underground

Investors Underground is an ideal option for day traders of all skill levels. If you have the time to commit to day trading, Investors Underground will provide you with the resources you need to have the best shot at success. This is one of the most professional trading communities on the web. It’s a great place for traders of all skill levels to network and learn from each other.

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