What types of services do you review?

We review any and all services related to day trading. This includes stock brokers, trading platforms, chat rooms, educational services and more. Our goal is to help traders make smarter decisions before committing to a product or service.

How do you choose which services to review?

Our primary focus is reviewing some of the most prominent services in the day trading industry. We believe this has the biggest impact because these are the services most traders consider. Occasionally, we will review new services if they offer a revolutionary feature or a competitive edge that can’t be found elsewhere.

What factors affect your review ratings?

Review ranking factors vary by service type, but there are a few key things we look for. First, we gauge the quality of the service to ensure everything works the way it should. For example, sites should be easy-to-use, free of tech issues, and well organized. We also gauge the quality of the service relative to competitors. This account for the quality of the service itself, the value of the service, and many other factors. Lastly, we make sure the service delivers everything it promises and is backed by a quality customer support team.

What makes you qualified to review these services?

Our team has been engaged in the markets for over five years. We’ve tried tons of different services, even before launching Top Trade Reviews. This isn’t just another review site. We’ve actually been in your seat before – waking up early to be ready by market open, spending countless hours analyzing trading opportunities, and doing research on the best services out there. We review all day trading services from the perspectives of day traders.

I see conflicting reviews on the internet. Why is this?

There is no perfect service. When you have thousands of customers, there’s bound to be both advocates and naysayers. While one customer may have a great experience with a specific service, another customer may have a negative experience. We account for customer reviews when analyzing other services, but the opinions in our reviews are our own.

What is the absolute best service out there?

There is no universal service that works well for everyone. All traders are different, and a service that is a match for one trader may not be a match for another trader. Additionally, experienced traders will require different tools than beginner traders.

Think about your own personal needs and go through our reviews to find the best match.

Can I request that you review a specific service?

You’re welcome to request the review of a specific service by reaching out on our contact page. Please make sure the service fits the theme of the site and will benefit other traders as well.