DekmarTrades Chat Room Review – Can He Teach You to Trade?

DekmarTrades Review
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DekmarTrades is a trading chat room and livestream service run by Sean Dekmar. He offers four chat rooms, a livestream of his trading day, daily newsletters, custom scans, video education, alerts, and watch lists. The service mostly focuses on small/microcap stocks or “penny stocks” that have the propensity to make massive price moves in one day.

In this review, we’re going to look at Sean Dekmar and his subscription services to determine their value compared to other comparable services.

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Who is Sean Dekmar?


Sean is a young guy who trades penny stocks. To be honest, there’s not much more to find out about the guy online. He hasn’t written any books, done any PR stunts, or been part of any shady dealings. DekmarTrades is a pretty modest operation without a ton of traffic or press in the trading community. In this sense, Sean Dekmar is the opposite of Timothy Sykes.

Being a penny stock trader, you would expect him, like almost every other penny stock trader, to flash mansions, sports cars, and tropical vacations. This is not at all the case. In fact, it’s rare to hear Sean refer to anything extravagant. It’s a respectable quality in a field filled with characters with rented sports cars.

Another thing I have to say about Sean is I can feel the passion radiating out of his voice when he speaks about trading. To him, it’s almost like a game of chess or poker, you can tell he is always challenging his mind to make the most positive expected value, optimal decision. Having been in and out of dozens of trading rooms across the internet, this type of mindset is surprisingly rare.

Pricing Options


Unlike many sites in his niche, Sean only has one product to purchase, a subscription to his entire service. The only difference is your payment period.

  • Monthly: $60 per month
  • Biannually: $324 every 6 months
  • Annually: $599 every year

Chat Room


The chat room page on Dekmar’s site has multiple modules. The first thing you see is an embedded TradingView chart with his current watchlist. Below that you see his alerts box and the chat rooms.

Dekmar’s chat room has four different rooms: Public Chat, Short Chat, Profits Chat, and Swing Chat. While separating each category into its own chat room has its perks, the problem of inactivity arises. Because Dekmar’s room doesn’t have hundreds of active members online at a time, rooms like the Short Chat are inactive and receive a few messages per day at max. I would argue it’s more practical to merge these messages into another chat room.

Chat rooms like Warrior Trading and Investors Underground are more active than Dekmar’s but there is a strong sense of community in his chat rooms.

Chat Room Members

A chat room with even the best trader at the helm can be shoddy if the participating members aren’t contributing quality alerts and insights to the chat. I saw this problem arise when I was in Meir Barak’s chat room. While I think Meir is a solid trader, due to the fact that he gives free trials with no credit card required, the chat gets overrun with people who aren’t fully serious. I did not find this dynamic to be at play in Dekmar’s room. I found a room full of friendly, well-informed, and eager to contribute traders in the room. Dekmar isn’t even writing the majority of the messages, which shows that the chat room members can think for themselves and don’t have to piggyback off of Dekmar’s ideas. Setups and alerts are called out in a simple and concise manner, allowing you to quickly capitalize on these setups if need be.


Even after the market closes, room members are thinking about how they can improve, asking smart questions, and helping each other out. In the image below you see a member called “Tristmcg” telling a trade story to illustrate his point about sticking to stop losses and setting smart stops.


Video Education

In addition to his chat room and streaming, Dekmar makes educational videos about trading which are included in a subscription to DekmarTrades. The video library is filled with dozens of videos including daily recaps, trading tips, tutorials, guest videos from other prominent traders, and other lessons.

Dekmar illustrates concepts through sketching on M.S. Paint. Rather than opening a static price chart and making observations, he draws out what he is trying to explain. This is an excellent way to learn to me, and this interactivity is missing from most trading education. I’ve taken plenty of seminars and training courses and most would be surprised at how many of them consist of a guy talking into a microphone with a price chart on his screen.


Additionally, Dekmar has daily market recaps that he uploads on his public YouTube channel. You can watch these to get a feel for Dekmar’s thinking, and if he’s a guy you want to give money.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, I should note that even though I admire Sean Dekmar, his trading style is not for all. Most people, even with great training and guidance from a consistent penny stock trader like Dekmar, will still fail. I liken penny stock trading to a casino pit game like Blackjack. The dealer (in this case the market makers, hedge funds, etc.) has a built in house edge and a player can only gain an edge through extremely deliberate, accurate card counting which takes a few hundred hours of practice to really ensure you’re playing with positive expected value.

However, while it’s a rigged game because of the wide spreads, low liquidity, manipulation, fraudulent companies, and fraudulent chat room operators, penny stock trading is one of the few avenues in trading, besides options, where one can turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money in a short period of time.

If you think you have the stones to go against the odds and become a profitable penny stock trader, there probably aren’t many better choices than Sean Dekmar in terms of mentorship and training. His pricing is on the lower end of his industry and he doesn’t attempt to upsell you other products like training courses or “advanced” subscriptions.

Ultimately, after spending some time in Sean Dekmar’s chat room and in his members section, I gained a lot of respect for him. He is a grinder who sits at the screens day in and day out making a living and helping other traders to the same.


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