DayTradeToWin Review – Is This Online Mentoring Right For You?

DayTradeToWin Review
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If you are in the trading industry you may have heard of DayTradeToWin. DayTradeToWin is an online education service that has a lot to offer. Read our in-depth review and find out if DayTradeToWin could change your trading for the better.

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About DayTradeToWin (DTW) is an online trader education service that offers private mentorships, training courses and trading software. As the name states, the service is geared towards intraday trading management strategies and methods. The site is operated by John Paul out of Boca Raton, FL and his trading coaches. John Paul has been a successful trader for over a decade perfecting his strategies. Their YouTube channel impressively boasts over 28,000 subscribers.  

Styles of Trading

Paul is an intraday scalper primarily trading the S&P 500 e-minis contracts. His methodology if a structured approach that involved assessing the current market context and tailoring set-ups to anticipate triggers at specific price levels. Paul often uses indicators like Average True Range (ATR) to calculate risk versus reward before putting on trades and when creating a daily trading plan. Additionally, he has developed his own indicators like the Atlas line which acts as a support or resistance trend line.  His methods are relatively easy to follow along due to the simple and logical nature of the strategies. He does a great job simplifying topics and explaining the mechanics of the tools and strategies.

DayTradeToWin Atlas Line

Set-ups: Paul uses technical analysis to look for breakouts, breakdown and reversions on the S&P 500 e-minis. Taking positions into momentum moves without chasing entries is demonstrated in the free videos. Preparation is the key to success and he does a thorough job of explaining the context and set-ups that he’s looking to trade if certain triggers occur. This methodical approach is further enhanced with the special tools that users can access by subscribing to the software tools. The methods seem linear to most trading instruments including stocks.

Timeframes: Intraday is the preferred time frames. Paul will define his risk on every trade utilizing multiple tools. Most intraday times frames ranging from the 1-minute to the 60-minute. Wider time frames are used to gauge the context and bigger picture playing field to work trades within.

DayTradeToWin Trading Courses and Software

DayTradeToWin offers day trading courses and software which can make the application of the methods easier to execute. There are three packages for traders to consider:

DayTradeToWin Atlas Short Signal

The Atlas Line software automates trade signals on futures and currencies to pinpoint exact entry and exit triggers in real-time. John Paul provides a live training session walking you the program, which is also recorded so you can reference it anytime. The software supports NinjaTrader, TradeStation and eSignal. The six-month license is $599, and the Lifetime license is $1,799.

The ATO 2 – At the Open 2 Day Trading Course and Signals is designed for efficiency trading stocks, futures and currencies using a 5-minute time frame chart to scalp trades right after the opening bell. Trade positions last less than 20-minutes and designed to get traders in and out quickly during the heaviest action of the day. The goal is to scalp two-to-four points daily on the open and go on with the rest of your day doing other stuff. The Lifetime license fee is $497 and includes a live training class, online training video, chasing the trade method and bonus ABC pattern signal software and trailing stops video.

The Trade Scalper course provides a 90+ page digital course and a bonus X-5 course aka Floor Trader Secrets Manual in addition to the signal software compatible with NinjaTrader 8. This method usually doesn’t risk more than 6-ticks on trades. Live training session with a coach and the scalp strategy which is enhanced with the live signal software that provides entry and exit triggers is available for a Lifetime license fee of $597.

Newbies can peruse the free tutorials on the on the site and on their YouTube channel to get a feel for the type of trading and training DTW provides.

DayTradeToWin Mentorship

Mentorship Service

Traders who wish to get fully immersed in the methodology and software can consider a group or one-on-one Mentorship Program. This program includes 8-weeks of personal training along with all the software, tutorials and videos including Atlas Line, Roadmap Trade, Price Action Scalping, ATO and Trade Scalper courses and software. All sessions are recorded so users can review them at any time. Free set-up and support are offered throughout training and afterwards. Both the individual and group mentorships require a $500 deposit to reserve a seat and fees are payable in three installments. The Individual Mentorship costs $5,400. The Group Mentorship costs $3,900.

Is DayTradeToWin Right For You?

This service is best suited for intraday traders looking to capitalize on price moves in the form of breakouts, breakdowns, reversions and reversals. Unlike similar services that are focused on momentum (such as Investors Underground) scalping is the preferred style at DayTradeToWin. This strategy is risk averse by nature but requires concise preparation and precision execution.

Is the Education Worth It?

The Mentorship program is expensive but considering they include lifetime licenses and eight weeks of training, it is a good value. The software literally automates the trigger detection enabling traders to just pull the trigger, assuming you know the underlying methodology aka the reasons for pulling the trigger.


  • Ala-carte trading courses with software options
  • Comprehensive Mentorship program includes all courses and software
  • Lots of free trading guides and videos on the site and YouTube page
  • Easy-to-follow instructional videos and software demonstrations
  • Risk averse methodology for scalpers and active intraday traders
  • Excellent customer service flexible and prompt
  • Very personable instructors and easy access to John Paul


  • Mentorship Program is expensive
  • Requires NinjaTrader 8.0 to use trading software

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