Chaikin Analytics Review – A Research Platform For Stocks And ETFs

Chaikin Analytics Review
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A solid research platform can make a world of difference in the trading industry. Chaikin Analytics is a stock and ETF research platform created by Marc Chaikin. This platform includes features such as the Chaikin Powder Gauage, which assigns scores for stocks across 20 technical and analytic factors. It also includes stock and ETF screeners as well as the options strategy tool, OptionsPlay. Read our thorough review of Chaikin Analytics to see if this platform is the right choice.

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About Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin Analytics is a powerful stock and ETF research platform created by Marc Chaikin, the creator of the popular Chaikin Money Flow indicator. Chaikin Analytics makes stock research simple by assigning a grade from Very Bullish to Very Bearish to more than 4,000 stocks and 1,700 ETFs. The grades are based on more than 20 technical and fundamental factors, and you get clear, concise explanations for how the final grade was assigned. The broader Chaikin Analytics workspace is somewhat inflexible, but in any case, the meat of this platform lies in its automated stock ratings.

There are quite a few research platforms out on the market, such as Tipranks and, so you may be wondering how to know if Chaikin Analytics is the right choice. That’s why we’ve gathered up all the important information. Read more about this stock and ETF research platform in this review of Chaikin Analytics.

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Chaikin Analytics Pricing Options

Chaikin Analytics costs $595 per quarter or $1,595 per year. You can try out the software for up to 14 days for free before committing to a subscription.

Chaikin Analytics - Pricing

Chaikin Analytics Features

Chaikin Power Gauge

The heart of Chaikin Analytics is the platform’s power gauge and stock ratings. The power gauge assigns scores for stocks across 20 technical and analytic factors, categorized into “Financial,” “Technical,” “Earnings,” and “Expert.” Technical factors include things like performance relative to the broader market and Chaikin Money Flow, while financial factors include debt-to-equity and price-to-book ratios and free cash flow. Expert factors cover insider trading, analysts’ price targets, and short interest.

Chaikin Analytics Power Gauge

The 20-factor scores are combined to rate each stock or ETF that Chaikin Analytics covers on a scale from Very Bullish to Very Bearish. This rating system is readily understandable, which makes it easy to get a quick overview of whether a stock is worthwhile or to explore for potentially bullish stocks. Note that the ratings typically apply over a 3-6-month timeline, so this software is best used for medium-term active investors. 

Many traders and investors enjoy these types of visualization tools for quick research(similar to those in VectorVest).


The Chaikin Analytics workspace is essentially a dashboard that you can use to put the Power Gauge to work for you. Within this space, you can create custom watchlists, search for individual stocks and ETFs, and view stocks by industry or index. The workspace offers basic technical charts, but this is not a charting platform by any means. You can only view daily bars and a small set of fixed indicators (including Chaikin Money Flow and RSI), and there’s no way to customize the charts at all. 

Chaikin Analytics - Workspace

One of the useful features inside the workspace is the Chaikin HotLists. These are essentially screener-based watchlists that highlight stocks that have triggered based on overbought or oversold signals, stocks that are Very Bullish or Very Bearish, and ETFs that are outperforming the rest of the fund market. The HotLists offer a quick way to generate trade ideas.

Stock And ETF Screeners

Chaikin Analytics also offers a basic but useful stock and ETF screener. One of the things that’s nice about this screener is that you can filter by index, industry sector, or stock type (based on growth vs. value and market cap). The screener also lets you filter using up to three of the factors that go into the Power Gauge and using some basic trading signals based on RSI and Chaikin Money Flow.

Chaikin Analytics - Stock Screener

However, the screener doesn’t go much beyond those parameters, and there isn’t much customization. For example, you cannot use other common technical indicators or even search through the stocks that are gaining or losing the most on that trading day. The ETF screener does offer some filters for dividend yield, expense ratio, and volume, but it’s otherwise just as restricted as the stock screener. 

Results are displayed so that you can clearly see the stock rating, which is nice. Of course, you can also save any screen setup for future use.


One exciting thing about Chaikin Analytics is that the platform has partnered with OptionsPlay, a dedicated options strategy tool that, on its own, charges $500 per year. OptionsPlay loads right within the Chaikin Analytics workspace so that you can quickly see potential options strategies for any stock that Chaikin Analytics covers. OptionsPlay assigns its own score to each strategy, and you can easily modify strategies to customize your options trade.

Chaikin Analytics - OptionsPlay

This is a huge advantage for more aggressive traders, and the combination of Chaikin Analytics and OptionsPlay is powerful. You can quickly scan for Very Bullish stocks that have bullish technical factors in particular, then pull up OptionsPlay to view options strategies for those stocks.  

While this is not as feature-rich as a standalone options scanner like Market Chameleon, the visualization is very helpful for planning trades.

Chaikin Analytics Platform Differentiators

Chaikin Analytics does a nice job of simplifying stock research without hiding information from you. The breadth of factors that the platform considers in assigning a grade to each stock covers both technical and fundamental information, and it’s nice that you can easily see the individual factor grades as well. The integration with OptionsPlay is also a huge plus, especially for more aggressive investors.

Given the high price of Chaikin Analytics, we’d like to see more customization options in the stock and ETF screeners and technical charts. However, it is very useful that the service covers more than 1,700 ETFs in addition to most US stocks. 

What Type Of Trader Is Chaikin Analytics Best For?

Chaikin Analytics can appeal to nearly any medium-term investor. The platform covers both stocks and ETFs, and the OptionsPlay integration makes it suitable for options traders and investors who occasionally dabble in options trading. It’s worth reiterating that Chaikin Analytics’ stock and ETF grades apply over a 3-6-month time horizon, so the service may be less useful for swing and momentum traders or for investors with multi-year trade horizons in mind.


  • Simple grades for 4,000+ stocks and 1,700+ ETFs
  • 20 factors rating technical and fundamental performance
  • Includes stock and ETF screeners
  • Trade ideas based on premade HotLists
  • Integration with OptionsPlay


  • Expensive subscription, especially if you don’t need OptionsPlay
  • Very limited charting features
  • Not many technical or fundamental indicators in screener


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