Atom Finance Review – Is This Stock Analysis Platform Worth Using?

Atom Finance Review
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Atom Finance is an online stock analysis platform designed to help users research and evaluate investments. Atom Finance includes a wide variety of tools and features such as market updates, portfolio tracking, hubs, a stock screener, news, documents, and a built-in chat feature. This platform aims to offer a wealth of information to allow users to find the right investment opportunities. Should you make this your next stock analysis platform? Find out in our detailed Atom Finance review.

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About Atom Finance

Atom Finance is an online stock analysis platform designed to help you evaluate investments. The platform focuses on fundamental stock research and offers tools for portfolio tracking and stock comparison.

In our Atom Finance review, we’ll help you decide if this investment research service is right for you.

Atom Finance Homepage

How Much Does Atom Finance Cost?

Atom Finance costs $6.99 per month. You can try out the platform for 7 days for free before committing to a subscription.

Atom Finance Features

Market Updates

Atom Finance’s main dashboard provides you with an overview of the market. You can quickly see how the major indices are performing and look through trending stocks as well as top gainers and losers. The dashboard also includes a searchable news feed and a breakdown of how each market sector is performing.

Atom Finance Dashboard

What’s especially neat about Atom Finance’s dashboard is that it includes detailed reports on the market three times each day: in the morning, halfway through the trading day, and after market close. These reports highlight the news that’s driving the market and identify large-cap stocks that are experiencing significant trading action. The morning and evening briefings also cover analyst upgrades and downgrades, earnings results, and global economic news. All reports are archived within Atom Finance, so you can easily go back and read a previous day’s report.

Atom Finance Morning Report

Portfolio Tracking

Atom Finance makes it simple to track your investment performance across multiple brokerage accounts. You can link to any brokerage using Plaid to import your transaction history. The service works with both standard brokerage accounts and retirement accounts, and there’s no limit to the number of individual accounts you can add. You can also add account data manually or create a mock-up account that won’t show up in your portfolio analytics.

Once your investments have been added to Atom Finance, you can easily track your performance relative to the major indices and see how your investments are allocated across market sectors. Atom Finance also offers financial statistics for each stock in your portfolio in a data table, and displays averages (for example, average P/E and average growth rate) for your whole portfolio.

Atom Finance Portfolio Analysis

One especially aspect of Atom Finance is that you can look at all of your investment accounts in aggregate or break your analysis down by account. You can also filter past transactions based on asset class. 

Hubs and Stock Comparison

Hubs in Atom Finance are essentially smart watchlists. You can create an unlimited number of hubs, each with an unlimited number of tickers.

Within a hub, a customizable data table shows all of your listed stocks and lets you easily compare performance, valuation metrics, and financial metrics. There’s also a customizable chart, which visually displays changes in these metrics over time. While the chart can easily be adjusted to show different financial variables, you can only view one metric at a time, and there’s only one chart window available.

Atom Finance Hub

Hubs also contain a searchable news feed similar to the one in the main Atom Finance dashboard. The difference is that the news feed within a hub is automatically filtered to only show articles relevant to the tickers in your hub.

Stock Screener

While hubs can be created by manually searching for stocks, they can also be created using Atom Finance’s stock screener. The screener includes around 70 metrics, nearly all of them related to price or financial data. There are no technical indicators available within the screener, and there’s no way to save screens for reuse in the future.

Atom Finance Stock Screener

Screener results are automatically displayed in a table as you build your screen. However, the way Atom Finance handles screener results could be improved. The screener result table doesn’t offer the same options as tables within hubs for customizing what columns are displayed. You also can’t easily add all stocks that pass a screen’s filters to a new hub – you must select stocks from the results one at a time. This can be frustrating, especially if you cast a wide net and want to perform a comparative analysis before tightening your screen filters.

News and Documents Search

Atom Finance’s news and documents search is a noteworthy feature. You can search a massive library of news stories, SEC filings, event transcripts, and investor presentations. Even better, Atom Finance lets you filter the results by company, market sector, or hub.

Atom Finance Text Search

It’s also worth pointing out that many of the news stories that Atom Finance includes in its feed and in its document search are written by the platform itself, rather than taken from a source like CNBC. In fact, the Atom Finance team writes daily mid-day briefings on the major market sectors, as well as headlines for breaking news stories.


Atom Finance also has a built-in message board for users where you can share ideas and chat about the market. There are channels for individual stocks and sectors, as well as channels for topics like dividend investing, short selling, and small cap stock investing. The message board appears to see relatively little discussion, with the majority of posts across channels coming from Atom Finance’s news bots.

Atom Finance Chat

How Does Atom Finance Compare?

There are many trading platforms out there, from Seeking Alpha to Sterling Trader Pro, so how does Atom Finance measure up? Atom Finance is an easy-to-use platform that offers a wealth of financial information for US stocks. The platform stands out first for enabling you to track your portfolio across multiple brokerage accounts. Atom Finance makes it simple to add accounts, and its cross-account analytics are relatively unique.

Atom Finance’s hubs also take watchlists to the next level. While hubs are designed primarily for comparing financial information, they can be extremely useful for organizing strategies and ideas. 

Finally, the news and documents search within Atom Finance is incredibly helpful if you’re looking for specific information or have a keyword-based investment thesis. Few platforms offer the same depth of search functionality, and the ability to filter by hub makes the search tool even better.

Is Atom Finance Right For You?

Atom Finance is best for investors who want to use fundamental analysis to invest in US stocks. The platform offers tons of tools for evaluating individual companies and comparing them against peers in the same market sector. It also makes stock discovery possible through its stock screener and news search. Atom Finance is fairly inexpensive, and its toolset is very user-friendly, so it can work well for beginner and experienced investors alike.


  • Market reports three times a day
  • Link investment accounts from multiple brokers
  • Hubs let you organize ideas and compare stocks
  • Excellent news search functionality
  • Very user-friendly interface


  • Hard to analyze stock screener results
  • Technical indicators are not available in any analysis tools

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